What Is The Best Skin Care Regimen For Combination Skin?

Best Skin Care Regimen

Are you suffering from a combination skin? Oily in some areas and dry in some parts? If you answered yes to those questions then it is time to get your skin balanced.

Read on and see for yourself the best skin care regimen for combination skin.

The first step is to cleanse your skin. Wash your hands first. Dirt on your hands can enter your pores and cause acne. So it is imperative that you wash your face with clean hands. Choose a moisturizer that is good for combination skin. There are a lot in the market out there. Choose the facial wash that does not give you any allergic reactions. Cleansers labeled with “normal skin” will also go well with people who have combination skin. You may use this as well.

Massage the cleanser onto your face using warm water. After, make sure to rinse your face thoroughly and to pat your face dry.

The second step will be to tone your skin. Choose a toner with a label of “normal skin” or “combination skin. Tone your whole face avoiding the eyes. Skin experts have advised to use two different toners. A toner with alcohol for the oily parts of your face and one toner without for the dry patches on your skin.

skin care regimen

The third step is to use a facial mask. Using a mask for your combination skin will allow your skin to achieve balance between excessive oiliness and dryness. Apply your mask with a fan brush or by using your fingertips and spread all over your face. After a couple of minutes, as recommended by the label on the mask, rinse the mask thoroughly with warm water.

The fourth step is to use a serum instead of a moisturizer. The serum will help your skin attain moisture without making your face oilier than it has to be. Consequently, a serum will also minimize skin aging.

Lastly, protect your skin with sunscreen. Nothing can cause unwanted dryness more than sun exposure. So lather up and protect your skin from the sun.

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