Vitamin C Serum For Face


A vitamin C serum for face is something that many skin experts believe, is one of the best things you can do in your skin care regimen. Especially for people who are nearing the age of, say, maturity—you cannot have enough skin care tips you can use for the years to come.

Why do people say that vitamin C is good for the skin? Definitely we hear about vitamin C being good for keeping the sniffles at bay, but little is known about its benefits to the body’s largest organ, the skin. The truth of the matter is, vitamin C is an amazing component of making sure your skin stays as youthful and fresh as it can be.

There are several benefits of vitamin C for the skin. For one thing, this vitamin is critical in collagen production, and collagen for some of you who don’t know, is the protein that regenerates cell growth. What this means is the good collagen production results in supple skin, improved texture, and reduced wrinkles. This also helps in the accelerated healing of unsightly scar tissues that mar our face.

Vitamin C is also known to help repair damage caused by frequent sun exposure. Of course this is not to mean that you should just lay out to bake in the sun for hours on end. One should always use prudence when being out in the sun, and one of the ways we can combat harmful effects that this sometimes bring is through the usage of vitamin C serum for the face.

Now, because of the benefits of vitamin C to the skin, IMG_0766there are some companies who have started producing topical serums that cater to this specific need. However, having vitamin C applied topically on the face does not necessarily guarantee the manifestation of the abovementioned benefits. There are some serums that work better than others because of certain factors applied to the products.

Chemists understand how unstable vitamin C is and how challenging it is to use its potency to a usable form for people. Look for products that specifically features technology that enhances the stability of its product. This may mean the use of improved capsules that not only helps in the stability of vitamin C, but also protects the vitamin (and the other compounds incorporated in it), from external factors like light, temperature and oxidation. Studies have shown that vitamin C that is oxidized can be harmful for the skin.


You must also look for serums that have more than 10% of vitamin C content. Anything less would not be as effective in delivering the benefits to your skin. Vitamin C serums that have a mixture of vitamin E in them is also said to give better results to the user.

When you use your vitamin C serum, make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed and dry before application. Gently rub the formulation on your face for a minute or so. Allow your skin to absorb it for at least 5 minutes, 10 minutes if you have time. Apply sunscreen, then your make up afterwards.

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