Vitamin C Face Serum

IMG_0792In recent years, more and more experts have discovered the benefits of vitamin C for the skin. This is why there are more products in the market today that use vitamin C face serum, or some sort of derivative of it that claim to reverse skin aging and allow women to enjoy youthful, younger skin with constant use.

While many of these face serums do have a lot of benefits, not all of them are as effective as they claim to be. Indeed, there have been cases where cheaper forms of vitamin C facial tonics or serums have flooded the market, but they are only a diluted form of the real thing. The consumers do not see any significant changes and therefore conclude that vitamins and these skin care products are not good for them.

The truth is that vitamin C, to be really effective, should have around 20% of its concentrated form in the serum. This will allow it to be absorbed in the skin and thereby reaping the benefits of this sometimes hard to stabilize vitamin. Vitamin C serums of lower dosage have some use, but again, it will not really do much and the effects will take longer to see on your face.


If you do use the right serum, then you can expect your skin to be healthier, not to mention look more youthful. Vitamin C is known to accelerate the healing process of mild scar wounds and tissues, protect against the harmful rays of the sun (both UVB and UVA rays), and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

More than that, it is generally accepted that vitamin C is a major proponent of collagen synthesis. The production of collagen is a vital part of good skin. Collagen is responsible for cell growth. As we grow older, we do not produce as much collagen as we did when we were younger. This is why skin do not look as fresh or as supple as it once was when we were at our teens.


In order to combat the decrease of this important protein, we turn to supplements that trigger it again, in this case, vitamin C face serums. When the vitamin C is absorbed into the skin, the collagen in our glands is activated and our skin becomes more supple and radiant with continued use. It is no wonder that older women who know and use these products look younger than ever before.

Now, while having great skin products are integral in having great skin, one must not neglect to maintain the skin by protecting it from harmful elements. The sun is particularly harmful to skin at certain hours of the day, so be sure to lather on a good sunscreen after you put on your face serum. If you plan to swim or sweat a lot, you may need to reapply this after 4 hours or so, depending on the type of skin you have. It may be an extra step in your skin care regimen, but it is more than worth it in the end. You will have better skin but more than that, you will protect yourself from possible skin diseases in the future.

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