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Best Vitamin C And E Serum


It is no secret that skin care is a multi-billion business all over the world. This mega industry has spawned a lot of products that claim to counter the effects of age on our skin. Unfortunately, precisely because this industry is such a big business to many, you will find a lot of products out there that make a lot of promises, but don’t deliver on any of them.

What you need is a good working knowledge of what your skin needs and what vitamins and nutrients are actually good for it, so that you can look for these ingredients in the products that you buy and make an informed decision on what you put on your skin, which is incidentally, the body’s largest organ so you will do well in taking good care of it.

Vitamin E is among the top jocks in skin care vitamins. Vitamin C is renowned for promoting cell renewal. This means that spots, scars and wounds in your skin will heal quicker because of more vitamin E absorbed into the skin.


Vitamin C is also an excellent skin care ingredient you need to look for in a facial serum. Vitamin C is not only a major proponent of collagen synthesis, it is also very helpful in correcting hyperpigmentation- the unsightly sun spots we may see on our skin. The application of vitamin C can even out the skin tone, without lightening the natural color of your skin, only the problem areas.

Aside from looking for the best vitamin C and E serum, it would be good for you to look for products that have hyaluronic acid on its list of ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is this amazing protein found in the body that lubricates joints, eyes and yes, our skin. The problem is that even if we do have hyaluronic acid in us, this can be depleted, especially as we age and it is important that we replenish it with supplements or serums designed to be absorbed in our bodies effectively.

Remember, even if you have a product that have all the “right ingredients” in it, they are not always made to be absorbed well into the skin. For example, vitamin C has to be around 20% in its concentrated form for the product to be effective. This might mean a few extra dollars for you but it is better than wasting all your money on something that doesn’t work.


You may buy the best serum in the market, but that should not exempt you from protecting your skin from possible future damage caused by the sun. Keep in mind that sunscreen is integral in good skin care. Not only will it protect you from unsightly sun spots, dry skin and wrinkles, it will also decrease the chances of you having serious skin diseases including skin cancer. Be sure to look for sunscreen that has SPF 15 or 30 to protect against the UVB rays, and zinc oxide to protect against UVA rays.