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Vit C Serum For Face


Do you ever wonder what all the fuss is about vit C serum for face? I mean, there are literally thousands of facial products available on the market today, what is it about vitamin C serums that people are really getting into?

Well, we all are probably familiar with the benefits of vitamin E for the skin. If you are like me, you have relegated vitamin C to the one in charge of fighting off the flu and boosting up the immune system. The truth of the matter is, vitamin C has tremendous benefits for the skin that you would do well to take full advantage of.

Vitamin C is one of the major proponents of collagen synthesis. What this means is that collagen, the protein in charge of cell regeneration, is largely dependent on vitamin C. The more vitamin C the skin absorbs, the more it will trigger collagen production. The result will be supple skin that is more resistant to fine lines and wrinkles.IMG_0766

Aside from this, vitamin C is known for its ability to help correct hyperpigmentation. When applied topically, this vitamin will help even out one’s skin tone, lightening the dark spots to its original tone. When used in conjunction with the right sunscreen, your skin will be well protected from the harmful effects of the sun (sun spots, hyperpigmentation, skin diseases, etc.)

Before you put moisturizers or any kind of serums, wash your face and use a gentle exfoliating product on it. This will remove dead skin and make the serum more effective when applied. Pat your face dry, never scrub so that it won’t be too abrasive to the skin.

When using the serums, it is advised that you spend time massaging your face lightly for a few minutes. This will ensure that the product is absorbed into the skin, soaking up all the nutrients that is needed for it to be as beautiful as it can be. Use these simple tips and you are on your way to having amazing skin in no time at all.