Secrets For Curing Acne Once And For All

Secrets For Curing Acne Once And For All

We have all experience acne in our life. It is quite an unpleasant experience and not worth repeating. So how do we ensure that we will never experience the dreaded acne once and for all?

Read on and discover for yourselves tips on how may be able to rid yourselves of acne.

1. Stop touching your face

Ask yourself, how many times a day do you find your hands on your face? A lot right? Most are not even aware of the number of times one reaches out for ones face. May it be to scratch your nose, wipe your lips or just plain touch your cheeks, one will come to realize that we have a nasty habit of transferring dirt from our hands to our face.

This habit right there must end.

Our hands are our body’s primary tool to interact with the outside world. Just imagine, all the dirt, grime and oil passes through our hands. Now imagine that dirt on your face, just festering and waiting to develop into acne. So pay attention and stop touching your face.

One more thing, since it will be an impossibility to stop touching yougently wash facer face completely, at least wash your hands regularly.

2. Gently wash your skin twice a day

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get rid of acne is to take the time, twice a day, to gently and thoroughly wash your face.

Grime, dirt and oil build up on your face all day. Be extra vigilant and clean those grime away at least twice a day. Do remember to go about the cleansing process by being gentle. Scrubbing inordinately may lose your skin essential oils. So be gentle the next time you watch.

3. Move your body and exercise

If you thought that exercise is only good for keeping your weight in check then you are most assuredly wrong. Sweating helps to clear out your pores which rids your skin dead skin cells that can form into acne.curing acne

4. Stock up on benzoyl peroxide

On the off days that you do get an acne get rid of it by applying a small amount of benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that causes inflammation in acnes. Though do note that it may take two to three weeks to see results so be patient.

5. Stock up on salicylic acid

Unlike the benzoyl peroxide that can kill bacteria the salicylic acid on the other hand can make your skin shed its outermost layer. This may help when it comes to getting rid of acne, as the layer where the acne is situated can be shedded.

6. You may need some antibiotics

If any over the counter treatments does prove to be ineffective then you may consider going to the dermatologist and ask for an oral medicine that can kill the bactercuring acneia that may be causing your acne. Do note though that this is only recommended for people experiencing severe acne.

7. Manage your stress

Stress can lead to a lot of unwanted things among those things are breakouts. So manage your stress. Take a breather and relax. Remember that a free and happy aura can also do your skin quite good.

So if in the end you find yourself with a breakout do remember the tips stated above. This will help you get rid of those unwanted bumps.

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