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Why Facial Massage Can Enhance The Effectiveness Of Your Moisturizer?

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There are a lot of women out there that put a lot of emphasis as to what product they buy more than the application in which they will use the product. This is especially true when it comes to skin care. What many women fails to realize is, that as much importance should also be place, when it comes to applying one’s skin care products.

One beauty secret, that is slowly becoming widely known, that models, celebrities and skin care experts swear by is facial massage. These trend has been around for ages, but only coming to light now, is a beauty secret that all can adapt and follow.

Facial massage according to skin experts can improve the overall condition of the skin, increases the lymph and blood flow, and removes toxins and dead skin cells.

Among the numerous benefits that one can reap from facial massage are increase facial muscle tone, wrinkle reduction, a brighter and even complexion, reduction of fluids and puffiness, softer skin and increase cell renewal.

Aside from that, facial massage when utilize with the application of skin care products such as moisturizer, will ensure the effectiveness of the product. So when one applies a moisturizer using facial massage techniques one ensures that the moisturizer will be more effective in penetrating the skin cells and providing ample moisture to the skin as opposed to just liberally spreading the moisturizer on ones face.facial_massage

Facial massage improves blood circulation which in turn will improve your skin’s rate of absorption. This in turn will help your moisturizer penetrate your skin cells more than just by applying the moisturizer without any facial massage.

So how does one go about massaging one’s face?

According to an expert, a soft milky facial lotion will be the best choice of moisturizer to pair with the facial massage.

To begin with one must first apply a layer of moisturizer to the surface of the skin. This step will help your hands glide more effectively on your skin. This will also ensure that the moisturizer will be fully absorbed onto your skin.

Next, after applying a light coating of the moisturizer place the palm of your hand on your forehead. Release the tension from your forehead by applying pressure and by moving your palm in a circular fashion.

After about 10 seconds of applying pressure slowly move both your palms up towards your temple. Once you have position your palms to your temples start massaging lightly. Repeat this step two to three timefacialmassages. You may repeat this more than three times if you are especially tense and stress.

Next, place your palms underneath your cheekbones and move your palms towards your ears. As your palms move outward to relax tension, lightly apply pressure.

After, place your thumbs underneath your jaw and place your index fingers by the bridge of your nose. Start massaging by moving your hands slightly outward and upward toward your ears.

Lastly, move your hands from behind your ears down to your neck, start massaging five to six times.

Now that you know the added benefits of a facial massage be sure to use such technique when applying your moisturizer. Your skin will thank you for the added pampering.